Product Update: Segmented Searching

Product Update: Segmented Searching

Segmented Searching - Segment your community members and send tailored notifications.

At a glance - Segmented Searching

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Understanding - Segmented Searching

Every community is unique and every community member is unique as well, but there are members that share the same characteristics. So, we want to give our customers a way to segment their audience in as granular way as possible and to send tailored notifications to community members.

Segmented Searching of members helps Community Hosts to find member segments based on the information provided by members in their profiles (Find out more about Member Profiles). Also, Community Hosts can now send targeted and tailored push notifications to a segmented audience (and add them to groups if the community has groups enabled).

How can you use it?

Reach out to just the right people by targeting with Segmented Searching,  for example, you can:

  • Send a push notification to every member in the UK that is older than 25 years old

  • Add to a group every female member that is on a premium subscription and that has more than 2 kids

  • Export all members who are interested in Cycling and Climbing

Why would you use it?

Once you've identified a segment sending relevant communications will get them to act, you might want to:

  • Send special offers on national festivals or as a reward for staying in the community

  • Get experienced community members to create insightful content

  • Ask for the opinion of relevant community members before launching new products

Let us know your thoughts!

We're always improving our platform to make it easier for your community to connect with you and each other. So, if you have any suggestions please post them below in the comment section! If you want to speak to one of our Community Specialists, just complete this form.