Rise Above the Competition With a Personal Trainer App

Rise Above the Competition With a Personal Trainer App

In 2011 there were some 15,000 personal trainers in the UK. By 2019 that number had risen to 23,000, driven almost entirely by the proliferation of smartphones and wireless broadband internet.

The shift toward online personal training has created interest in finding the most effective way to stay in touch with clients and deliver high-quality services. Enter the personal trainer app.

A Feature-Rich App for Personal Trainers

Our app provides a feature-rich white label solution for personal trainers that enables them to bring content and clients together in a way that enhances their image and effectiveness.

Enjoy all the benefits of social media groups without the heavy-handed moderation or the monetization limits imposed by corporations.

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Create the Life You’ve Always Wanted


  • All your client communications are directed through a single platform.

  • Being able to offer a complete library of related materials through the same platform.

  • Building a community where members can message each other without using a 3rd party app.

  • Having complete control over client data and monetization options.

  • Being able to expand your client base by a factor of 2 or 3 or 4.

Imagine all this and more, then make it happen with a personal trainer app from Disciple.

With your own custom branded app you will raise your public profile, enhance your credibility, streamline your business processes and attract more clients. All while saving time, lowering costs and increasing your income.

Why the Disciple Personal Trainer App is Ideal for Creating a Vibrant Community


A Disciple app lets you create an immersive member experience. Free of the social media design framework, you can include your own colours, logo, images, graphic touches and more.

Cross-platform compatibility

With online personal training software from Disciple, your app will be compatible with all current mobile devices as well as PCs and Macs.


An entire generation is coming of age that has no experience with web browsers. They use apps. For everything. If you want to reach these people you have to speak their language. The language of the app.


With the Disciple software platform for personal trainers, you can send push notifications, conduct polls, announce live streams and more with a tap of your smartphone screen.


With our fitness software for personal trainers, all of your content is now accessible from a single central location. No more having to upload PDFs to Dropbox or having to send YouTube links to clients.

Monetization options

The Disciple personal training app opens up a world of monetization options. Sell subscriptions, offer in-app purchases, take on sponsors, conduct pay-per-view events. The possibilities are endless.

Real-time monitoring

Clients can quickly and easily upload important information that allows you to reach informed conclusions about their progress and formulate more useful workouts.

Monitoring client data and results


When conducting in-person training sessions you are limited by available space, availability of equipment and more. Such limits simply don’t exist with remote training. Scale up your operation to whatever degree you wish without having to invest a single additional pound.


The more clients you have the harder client tracking becomes. Unless, that is, you have the best app for personal trainers in your corner. Our white-label training app keeps all your communications, scheduling information, client messages, billing information and more in one place.

Accessibility Part II

If an in-person client wants to review something with their trainer after hours they're likely out of luck. With a personal trainer app, 24-hour access to related materials is just a tap or two away for those clients.


With a mobile personal training app, you can conduct training sessions from anywhere in the world you can get an internet connection. So whether you are on the beach in Thailand or in a hotel in Rome you're just a few taps from your clients.

A personal training app will not only make you a better trainer, it will make you a more effective business person and help your clients get more out of the services you offer, which can only help to enhance your reputation.

Personal Training Apps Vs Websites

Websites can still be useful for online personal trainers by playing a role in lead generation, increasing visibility and expanding reach. They can also provide a platform through which people can download your app. Beyond that, however, websites are of little use to the contemporary online personal trainer.

Don’t believe it? Well, consider this. When web design companies sell their services to potential clients they talk up the need for businesses to plant their flag on Google Maps (which countless people use these days to locate businesses they wish to visit). Only a website, they tell you, in conjunction with an expensive local SEO campaign, will enable you to do that.

But the whole point of being an online personal trainer is to negate the need for clients to come to you. Therefore, clients don’t need to know where you are. So that argument for having a website goes right out the window, along with having to shell out money on a SEO campaign.

More Reasons to Choose an App Over a Website

More Reasons to Choose an App Over a Website

A branded community that revolves around a personal trainer app is one that will benefit from other features native to the mobile app, such as:

Push notifications: Ensure everyone is kept up to date about your latest service offerings, changes of schedule, upcoming live streams and more with push notifications. Private messaging: A white label personal trainer app from Disciple provides a way for clients to message you and one another without having to invoke a 3rd party app. Customisation: You can customise your personal trainer app with your own colour scheme, logo, graphic flourishes and more. In addition, clients are able to customise the app further to their own liking. Live streams: The quality of live streams in your personalised Disciple personal trainer app will be head and shoulders above anything you could achieve with Zoom or Facebook. Groups: Dividing your clients into subgroups based on ability, geographic location and more will facilitate effective communication and enable you to offer group workouts. Polls: Polls are a fast and easy way to determine which way the winds of opinion are blowing. Disciple provides a simple way to create and integrate polls into your personal training app experience. Built-in moderation tools: The amount of moderation you engage in will depend on how much your clients are encouraged to interact. If and when you need it though, our moderation tool is there.

Finally, unlike a website, personal training apps do not require clients to have an active internet connection to use them.


Make More Money

Besides providing personal trainers with ways to simplify their business processes and increase efficiency a white-label personal training app also provides a number of ways the average personal trainer can increase their income, including:

  • Paid subscriptions - our white-label personal training app gives you the option of offering free, freemium or premium subscriptions to your service.

  • In-app purchases - Clients can purchase workout sets, buy into group sessions and live streaming events, purchase related products such as e-books and buy your branded merchandise all through the app.

  • Adverts and sponsorships - Advertisements are a great way to earn extra income as are paid sponsorships.

  • Referral marketing - Referral marketing means promoting a 3rd party product within the app. When clients purchase the product you receive an affiliate commission.

  • Standard and premium services - With this model, the degree of access a client has to the various aspects of your app depends on how much they pay. For instance, premium members might get access to things like video libraries and live streaming events while standard members would not.

While Facebook and other social media companies reserve most of the prime monetization possibilities for themselves, we get out of your way and allow you to monetize your personal training app however you see fit.

Get in Touch With Success

The ability to offer personalised workouts, meal plans, nutrition tracking, training results, group sessions, centralised communication, live streams and the ability to monetize to your heart's content are just some of the reasons you should consider a white-label personal trainer app from Disciple.

Get in touch today to learn more.