Our latest product updates: September 2020

Our latest product updates: September 2020

We’ve got some exciting Product announcements for you! Introducing our 3.19 mobile app update, improved Folder UI and enhancements to the Navigation page on the Console.

What’s new on Mobile apps (iOS and Android 3.19)

Disabled notification prompt

Notifications are a massive part of driving engagement into your community. It’s key to encourage your members to have their notifications enabled so they can be notified about key activities within the community. This is why we have introduced a prompt to enable notifications when a member has notifications turned off.

Only subscribers can see this post

We want to give you the flexibility to manage your community no matter what device or platform you are using. On iOS and Android you can now toggle whether a post is only visible for members with a subscription or not. Non-subscribers will still see the post but it will have the Premium banner across it encouraging them to subscribe.

Tap to Scroll

Scrolling through the community can sometimes leave you being pretty far from the top. We’re introducing tap to Scroll. A simple tap on the navigation icon will take you back to the top of the page. We have found this really comes into use on the activity feed as it makes it so much easier to get back to the top and explore other groups. As an extra piece of convenience, the feed will also automatically refresh so you can get straight back into seeing new content.

Other improvements:

  • Android upload limit has been removedOn Android we limited posts to 100mb. We found that this limit was easily being maxed out with large media posts so we have therefore removed this limit. FYI, this limit was only in place for Android.

  • Livestream CommentsCommunities that have Web and Mobile based communities were previously seeing disparity between Livestream comments depending what platform they were using. For 3.19 we have fixed this issue so that no matter what platform you are using you, and all your members, will be able to see all comments.

What’s new on the Console

Event cover image

We found that Hosts were adding cover images to their events but the image would not display once the event was published. This was due to the cover image not fully uploading before the event was published. We have introduced a simple fix that means an event can now only be published once the image has fully uploaded.

What’s new on Web

Updated feed UI

With the continued efforts to improve the overall visual design and feel of our communities we have gone through a big redesign of the Feeds. This follows the same design we introduced in Web Apps last month.

Updated Folder UI

Another part of the design overhaul is also improving the design of Folders, making your content stand out more than ever. We are confident that this will truly improve the look and feel of your community.

Disabled notification prompt

Notifications are just as important on the web as they are on Mobile Apps, so we have introduced the disabled Notification prompt for web members who have not accepted web Notifications.

Other improvements

  • Automatic Log outWe found an issue with community members being logged out if their device went to sleep. We want to make sure that members can always access their community as easily as possible so we made sure that members now stay logged into their communities.

  • Improved public post pageThe public post page is a great way for non-members to view your content. It can really help convert people to members so we have improved the design and made your community more visible.

Looking to create your own community app? Contact our Community Experts –  info@disciplemedia.comNeed help with your existing Disciple powered community? Contact our Customer Support team – help@disciplemedia.comRead our August Product Update blog post here