Our latest product updates: November 2020

Our latest product updates: November 2020

We’ve got some exciting Product announcements for you! Introducing our 3.20 mobile app update with new member-to-member invite functionality and much more.

What’s new on Mobile apps (iOS and Android 3.20) 

Members inviting Members

We’re working really hard to encourage the organic growth of our communities through some new pieces of functionality that make it much easier for your members to invite even more members. The first option is a temporary card (five posts down) in the activity feed. The second option is a call to action in the side-menu.

Using these two new experiences your members will have a unique referral code that they can share on their social networks, through emails, text messages and more. We’ll be collecting data on all these referral codes and expect to see the results of these in your Console in the next couple of months. In the meantime, we actively encourage you to head over to your “Invite members” page in your Console and ensure you have this functionality turned on if you desire it.

This is currently available only on Android devices and will be available on iOS in the next release.

Top Bar and Bottom Bar UI Changes

We have given the top and bottom bar a fresh new look to increase your community’s branding and member usability!

In the Branding section of the Console, when you add the header logo from the “Images” tab, then it appears on the header bar of the native app on the home screen (activity feed, folder set as home) and the more menu header.

If you don’t have a header logo, then it will display the community name you’ve decided.

Other more minor improvements:

  1. Haptic Feedback on like button. When you like a post now, your phone will vibrate a little! Try the function out and you will see what we mean.

  2. We’ve moved the setting "Switch notification off" to the Push notification setting screen, which should now be more logical for members to find.

  3. We have made a small change to the placeholder text in the search bar, in order for members to understand they can search for other members when it comes to using this feature.

What we have fixed

  1. There was a small issue with members not being added to the mailing lists when they sign up to the app, this has now been fixed

  2. We had noticed that there was some inconsistent behavior around the back button (sometimes it required a user to tap it twice to go back) now we have a consistent UX behaviour across screens. 

What’s new on Web

Promo code on checkout

To encourage subscribers on the Web we’ve now implemented the ability to add a promo code to your checkout screen! You can use this for whatever marketing purpose you deem appropriate although we suggest offering discounts for early adopters and even using this to migrate members from an old system where you can set 100% discounts if you’ve already accepted some payments from this particular member. To learn more about how to set this up please see our documentation.

Update to editing profile

Similar to the design profile updates described above, these changes have also made their way onto Web.

Which is accompanied by a sleek edit profile experience as well!

Members inviting members

The same mechanisms for encouraging your members to invite more members, as detailed above in the Android section, have now made their way onto Web. 

Other minor improvements:

  1. Further SEO improvements for the PWA

  2. Folder image ratio is now more consistent across different screens

  3. A small fix has been accomplished to web email confirmation, where unfortunately this feature wasn’t 100% functional beforehand

  4. There was a small caching issue when sharing was disabled in the Console, this should now work 100% of the time

What’s new in the Console

Only some minor improvements for this update (but rest assured some big exciting work is occurring in the background!) that include:

  1. Subscription prices can now be edited for Stripe Connect monetisation setups in the Console

  2. Premium members created through Stripe Connect monetisation will now show as such in the Member list