May Product Roadmap

May Product Roadmap

Product roadmap: May 2022

Every month, our product team publishes what they’re currently working on and thinking about. 

New things in April

In April, we worked hard to release several improvements to the Disciple platform:

  • The member-facing subscription page was upgraded, enabling the future multi-plan subscription feature

  • An upgraded subscription dashboard was released, giving you better insights into your community’s monetisation

  • A Livestream admin page was released to the Console, allowing you to easily find and download past livestreams.

  • The native apps got the new group experience and made comments and likes hideable on articles.

What you can expect to see in May

Our focus on Monetisation is continuing, and we expect to make our first multi-plan subscription release available to communities this month. This will allow you to sell multiple levels of subscriptions (e.g. Bronze, Silver, Gold) to your members to give them different levels of access to groups, events, folders, and posts.Our Thinkific integration will receive an upgrade to allow more of our communities to benefit from it and make it easier for members to log in. We’re excited to enable course-led communities and help them better thrive with this integration. The rest of our focus for May and June will go towards addressing a lot of the smaller improvements that have been requested in The Collective, Nolt, and directly (via your Customer Success manager). These cover a lot of areas of the app including groups, events, messaging, notifications, and others.

In the next few months

Later this year, Member onboarding will be a core focus, as well as helping new communities to get off the ground faster. As always, we have time set aside to address smaller tactical improvements as they come up, so our development teams will be looking to the suggestions previously submitted to Nolt, the Collective, and our Customer Success team to find where we can best spend this time.