Step 4.1: What content should you use for your community

Step 4.1: What content should you use for your community

Content powers engagement - make it good and you’ve got a thriving community. Make it dull and you’ve got an empty wasteland. Initially, community managers will be responsible for creating and scheduling content. Over time, members will start contributing more and more. Always push for engagement, opinions and comebacks with the content you post. Keep the tone conversational and accessible for the level of your members. Most of all have fun creating content! Copyright:  It is your community, so your responsibility for dealing with this. How you handle copyright is up to you, but check on relevant laws in your area and however tempting it is don’t get yourself in legal trouble to attract members.

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Here are 16 content types that you could potentially use in your online community: 

1. How to articles & guides

 Get people using products and help solve their problems.

2. News updates

Key brand and theme news, what's new, what's happening, what's a problem.

3. Opinion pieces

Take a stance on a public or controversial topic. This could attract people to your community and spark discussions. 

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4. Discussion points

 Build up discussions around the community theme and purpose. This will be relevant content for the community you are building. 

5. Interviews

This could be with founders, influencers or community members. Anyone you feel that your members would be interested in finding out more about. 

6. Listicles

10 best somethings, top 5 somethings. Can be on anything as long as it's fun and interesting. 


Sharp insightful or funny quotes. People like to share quotes so this could be good for shared content. 

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8. Pictures

Take pictures of products, events and activities. Include suitable, but interesting photos in posts.

9. Infographics

Make this yourself if you’ve got the skills or look on Fiverr for a cheap graphic designer.

10. Memes & jokes

The latest memes, viral videos and industry specific humour. Believe me, this spreads like wildfire. 

11. Facts & trivia

Product, themed or general facts. Trivia is always a popular form of content. 

12. Music

Nowadays, we mostly consume streamed music, so link to music on Spotify or iTunes. Alternatively if you have your own music add MP3s to your community.

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13. Video

Every smartphone is a capable video camera and there are hundreds of tools to make animations, online or app based. Film events, try behind the scenes, tutorial video the possibilities are endless.

14. Online courses

Paid or free, subscriber or everyone. Online courses are a great way to provide value and education.

15. Meetups

Not an obvious type of content, but it can be worth taking the community offline with a physical meetup (easiest if you’re in a Wework or similar workspace). Don’t forget to bring it back into the community with images and invites to the next meetup.

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16. Quizzes, giveaways and contests

Encouraging participation and create something fun. Celebrate a festival with a suitable contest. There are numerous types of content, over time you’ll learn what your community responds to. But don’t forget that your community is full of smart people so if you get stuck ask them for suggestions.  Read the next article: How to encourage user generated content in a community