Why your favourite brands and people are leaving Facebook

Why has leaving Facebook become so popular? And, why are these companies moving to community apps and social media alternatives? Companies and individuals that are leaving Facebook: [wp_table id=3240/]


Facebook has been the go-to social media site for companies to market their product. However, this is all changing. The #deletefacebook , #deleteinstagram and #deletewhatsapp have spread across the Internet. Individuals and firms are taking a stand against the dominant company. This feeling seems contagious as day by day more firms and individuals join the movement to delete Facebook. The question is, should your company be leaving Facebook and journey towards social media alternatives or an online community?

Reduction of posts seen by users

Ever since Facebook became the golden ticket to market products, companies jumped at the chance of spending money to promote their brand. Little did they know that as the algorithm changed, so did the reach of their content to their followers. According to Ogilvy, pages with over 500,000 likes may only be reaching  2.11% of their followers. Companies are put in a position where they must decide between paying for posts or becoming irrelevant. When you consider the amount of time and energy invested to get likes for a page, the return of only 2% of users seeing the post is not worth the effort. As these figures are beginning to come to light, firms are realising that leaving Facebook is the right decision. When companies are deciding whether or not to move to social media alternatives, you have to ask yourself, is a basic level of interaction with a small fraction of your customer base enough?

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Breaching users privacy

In a world where Big Brother is becoming a reality, privacy is something that is constantly on everyone's mind. Facebook’s ties to data scandals left individuals worried with how their data. Everyone is wondering how it is being handled and what it’s being used for. Surely we haven’t gone all this time not knowing that our online identity is being sold off to the highest bidder? Well it turns out, we were wrong. Mark Zuckerberg announced that 50 million Facebook profiles were accessed by Cambridge Analytics. This news created an air of distrust surrounding the firm. Companies no longer feel comfortable putting their content on Facebook anymore. If they don’t stand up to this breach of ethics then what does it say about their own brands reputation? They are steadily leaving Facebook and finding social media alternatives to promote their products. Thanks to the Cambridge Analytica scandal,  Facebook's actions are finally becoming transparent to the platforms users. In light of this information, are you comfortable sharing your customers information with Facebook?

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Lacking focus on valuable customers

Every time we start a new job, the phrase that is always in the back of our minds is ‘the customer is always right’. The reason why this is so important is because we want people who use our products and services to be happy and share their positive experience with others. A key part of this is reaching our entire customer base with the content we are putting out into the world. Yet again, Facebook fails us on this front. Facebook does not provide us with the data of who is receiving the content. Therefore, firms are unable to truly know if they are reaching their customer base. By leaving Facebook, firms can potentially create deeper connections with customers and make more significant progress. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of most firms goals. The move from Facebook to creating a community centralised platform may be the solution to this.

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How can Disciple be the change you need after leaving Facebook

Disciple offers solutions to all three of the points above. By creating your own app, you are taking back control. Your most valuable customers can take part in a community where they are receiving every last bit of content posted. And, most importantly Disciple does not store any data from users that sign up to the application. This ensures the users privacy, providing a community that you can trust. If you are looking to join the #deletefacebook movement, why not try it?

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