Step 6.1: What happens after you launch your community

Ever wondered why you're building your social media community, but you have to keep paying to reach your members? With a Disciple community you have your own dedicated app-based community full of excited, engaged members. With over 70 successful communities launched, we've got this down to a fine art... We help you build and launch your own community app in no time at all. It's quick, easy and there's no coding required. Once launched, you can gather and engage your audiences in one single space that you own and control. Connect with your community and give them a way to connect with each other. Reach all of your members every time you publish with custom push notifications. Choose if and how you want to make money from your community with subscriptions, in-app purchasing, donations and many more monetisation options. We're here to help. Our Customer Success team will help you on the platform. And we'll always be improving the platform to give you the perfect home for your community. Read the next article: Why full integration is vital to branded communities