Step 3.1: Five easy ways to monetise your community app

If you chose to monetise your community app, we have 5 handy tips to help you achieve your goal.

Paid subscription

We all want to feel that we belong to something exclusive. As long as your content and features deliver real value to community members many will be happy to pay a subscription.  Often the best way is to offer a free tier with good content and one or more paid tiers that offer amazing in-depth or high-value content. With an app-based community, Apple and Google payment systems make subscribing just a thumbprint away.

Physical purchases

From cool merchandise with snappy slogans to links to your fully stocked online store and Shopify integration, community members who love your brand are going to find it simpler to buy direct (especially if you offer them juicy discounts in the app)!

Sponsored content

You've got thousands of engaged community members, what are the chances that businesses would like to reach out to them? Paid sponsorship is the way to turn this reach into money. Tip - always be transparent and only allow ethical sponsors that match your member base.

Hand holding a phone

In-app purchases

Get a course, an ebook, a video, or a music file that you know community members would love enough to pay for? Give them the chance to unlock digital products directly in the app with in-app purchases.  

Events and activities

Promote gigs, events, awards, experiences... through your community app. Link them to your favourite ticketing platform and start selling.

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If you're looking to monetise your online community, these tips should point you in the right direction. You should tackle them one at a time as some, such as events and activities, can be time-consuming. However, we hope that they all give you positive results!

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