Product update: Four cool improvements that will make your life easier

Thanks for all your product suggestions - keep them coming.  We've been working hard over the summer to bring you updates, here are four improvements to make your life better:

✅ Approve/Decline requests to join a private Group 

Groups are one of the key features for our customers and from now Group Admins can approve and decline member requests to join a private group. Group Admins will receive the join request on the Group dashboard where you can approve or decline the request. To access this feature you need to navigate to:

  1. Your Hub

  2. Groups

  3. Select a Group that you want to manage

  4. Click on 'Review'

  5. Accept or decline a member request

👋 Inviting new members to your community What is the key to a great community? The answer is community members. So, we made it easier for you to invite new members and simpler to migrate your community. To access this feature you need to navigate to: Your Hub Members Invite Paste a list of email addressesYou new members will receive an email asking them to create an account. The users will be automatically added to your mandatory groups and start engaging with our community members and content instantly.
✏️ Managing Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy You can now manage your Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies directly in the Hub with our new simple and intuitive interface. You will also be able to see all current and existing versions of these documents. To access this feature you need to navigate to:
  1. Hub

  2. General

  3. Select what do you want to edit Privacy Policy or Terms & Conditions and click on 'View'

  4. Edit the document and click on 'Save'

Each time you update or make changes to your Terms & Conditions or Privacy Policy, the members will be automatically presented with the full text of those agreements in the app, prompting them to accept them. So, don't change them too often  😉

👱 Updated members profiles When viewing a members profile through the Hub, you will now be able to individually see all the groups that the member is a member of. You can add and remove members to different groups with just a few simple clicks. Your Hub Members Select a member you want to add to a Group or remove from. You will see the new Groups section on the user profile from where you can manage the group membership.