Introducing Groups: Bring your members together around certain topics

Here at Disciple, we're all about helping communities thrive. We've recently launched Groups, where members can engage with each other around certain topics. As a community Host, you’ll enjoy more control, greater flexibility, and deeper engagement – all without making life complicated for you, your team, or your community members. How will your community benefit from Groups?

  • You'll be able to segment your audience by certain interests and inspire conversations around certain topics.

  • Members will have a better experience as they can now join or leave groups.

  • You'll be able to send push-notification to Groups members with more relevant content.

Taking into account your feedback, Groups will have the following functionality:

  • Posts that can be either fed by the Group Admin only or by Group members.

  • Some Groups are mandatory and all members will be part of them as soon as they sign up.

  • Groups can be public or private. If a Group is private a member will require the approval of the Group Admin to access the Group.

  • Groups can also be secret, requiring the Group Admin to manually add people to the group.

We have more exciting product announcements to come. Stay tuned!