April Product Roadmap

Product roadmap: April 2022 

We’ve always tried to be transparent and open about what we’re working on here at Disciple. In the past we have tried to package everything up into our quarterly Harvest events, although from this month, we’re trying something a little different: I want to write a post every month to let you know what we’re currently working on, what we’ll be working on next, what you can expect to see in the near future, and what the longer-term strategic priorities look like.I’ll write a little more about our overall process in the future, but broadly our work is split into strategic, tactical, and technical streams. Strategic improvements are typically larger things where we’re trying to solve major host problems; tactical are smaller things that we normally can’t predict - these are small improvements whose priority suddenly changes, or solving bugs that come up; and technical improvements are work on our underlying platform to make it better, faster, and easier to build on. Because of the nature of how we plan and execute these three streams, my monthly roadmap posts will typically focus on strategic and tactical work that is happening in the short term, and strategic focuses for the longer term. So without further ado, here is what we’re currently working on and thinking about: 

What you can expect to see in April

We’ve been working hard on our monetization features for the past few months and you will start to see the fruits of this in April. An upgraded and dynamic version of the member subscription experience is rolling out now. This improved feature will allow you to update the content of your paywall across all apps instantly (without creating a release). Importantly, the paywall paves the way for our upcoming multi-plan release, which will allow you to sell multiple levels of subscriptions (e.g. Bronze, Silver, Gold) that give members different levels of access to groups, content, and events. Additionally, the highly-anticipated Subscription Insights dashboard is in the final stages of its testing and should be available soon. The dashboard will give you more information about who is subscribed and engaged, where your churn is coming from, and the breakdown of subscriptions across plans. Alongside this, we are working to modernize the Console and you will start to see upgraded interfaces being released soon. The modernization project will allow us to improve the user experience and build improvements faster in the future, and the initial release will feature a new Livestreams management experience that will make it easier for hosts to identify and download past livestreams. 

In the next few months

We expect that Subscriptions will continue to be a core focus and are committing ourselves to a successful rollout of the new functionality. Alongside and following this, we will be implementing a range of new features and processes to enable better member onboarding and to help new communities to get off the ground faster. As always, we have time set aside to address smaller tactical improvements as they come up, so our development teams will be looking to the suggestions previously submitted to Nolt, the Collective, and our Customer Success team to find where we can best spend this time.