April App Update

Welcome to the next app update of the year! We have continued 2022 in fine style and given both our Android and iOS platforms new versions!So let's get to it.

We have a new Paywall! This change we have made starts us off on the quest for a better paywall and more options when offering subscription packages to your members. There will be subsequent changes in upcoming releases but for now, we have a fresh paywall that will allow us to iterate and grow our subscription functionality in the coming months. Both iOS and Android versions 3.56 have the new paywall logic included.

iOS updates

We have released versions up to v3.56 and in doing so we have added the group header logic to iOS! This is an important change as really gives us a fresh look in groups, plus it brings iOS up to date with the web version which has the group header logic already!We have also made comments and likes hideable on articles. This is a subtle but important change that we hope will help many hosts who use articles. This is all controlled per article and you can head to your console now and check this change out!  

Also in iOS, you can now see who liked a comment, members can report other members and past events will now remain clickable. It's not all features and change however, we have also fixed a GIF speed issue and removed the character post limit as you asked us to!

Head over to the Console now, get your iOS app updated and check these changes out for yourself! 

Android updates

v3.57 is out As well as the new paywall we have also added the group header to Android also! Like iOS we have also made comments and likes hideable on articles. That isn't all though, there are lots of tweaks we have committed to in this version fixing issues with Event times and a number of under the hood fixes you don't need to worry about, but will make your Android app more efficient and reliable. So if you haven't already, head over to the Console now, get your Android app updated and check these changes out for yourself! 

Updating your app

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